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Date and time in spreadsheet problem generator

Date and time are information that can appear in word problems but are not readily convertible to numerical data that we can subject in mathematical computation. Of course, we know how to do it. It is one of the daily life tasks that the students need to learn. Constructing a spreadsheet problem generator with date and clock time as given values are a little more complicated than the usual numerical data but very much feasible.

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Formatting the spreadsheet problem generator

In my previous post, I discussed how to make problem generators using spreadsheet software but did not discuss special formatting requirements such as percentage, currency and units, and other conventions that while easy to write in paper, can be difficult to format in a spreadsheet-based problem generator. While not all mathematical conventions can be readily implemented in a spreadsheet, I discuss in this post how to come close as possible.

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Creating your word problem generator using Calc spreadsheet

Use spreadsheet software such as Open Office Calc or Microsoft Excel to create a word problem for science, mathematics, economics or any other subject that uses word problems in some of its lessons. Then, create similar problems by simply altering certain cells in the spreadsheet without solving the new similar problem from scratch.

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