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How to print a star chart from Stellarium?

One function Stellarium lacks is the capability to print the star chart on paper. The easiest way to print is to get the screenshot of Stellarium, embed it in word processor, and then print. However, we need to be sure that all visible celestial bodies on the time and place of stargazing will be visible in the map. We also need to consume less ink in printing Stellarium.

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Finished Stellarium chart

Stargazing sessions with Stellarium

One of the most intellectually stimulating activities in science lessons is the stargazing. Aside from telescope, the other important tool in a stargazing session is the starmap or star chart. Today, starmaps are mostly software programs and I would personally recommend the use of one particular program: Stellarium, a free and open source software star chart.

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Stellarium screenshot showing the position of stars and the constellations

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