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Essential elements of online citation

Properly citing the sources is important in academic research work, but online references can be difficult to cite due to a wider variety of format with the pieces of information you need being in different places.

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Visual representation of internet research and citation,: a globe with interconnected nodes. One of the node has a book and another node has pen and paper.

Why Wikipedia is not suitable for academic research?

Wikipedia is a popular source and possibly currently the largest repository of data. Despite its success, several teachers, professors and other academics discourages if not outright forbid students from using Wikipedia as reference material. There are reasons not to trust the credibility of Wikipedia and many of these reasons are from its original design.

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Determining the credibility of a website

The internet contains large amount of information but also misinformation. Identifying credible websites is very important in using the internet for research meant for thesis, term papers, scientific journal publication and other works of high scholastic value.

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