Formatting cell data in Calc: percentage, fraction and scientific notation

Posted by Greten on 13 Apr 2013 under Tools

This is a very old post. Updating it is difficult so it has been divided into three posts when it was updated to include Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Last updated on 12 Oct 2020.

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Ron says:

I can type a fraction with a horizontal fraction bar and it appears OK ini Libreoffice. However, after I save, close the document and reload it, the fraction has moved upward on the screen and seems to appear as an exponent. I can double-click the fraction and it moves back down where it is supposed to be. However, If I save again, close and reload it is back up. Any suggestions.

Greten says:

Hi Ron
Are you sure you are referring to the topic of this post, or is it about LibreOffice Math as embedded in ODT file?

David says:

Trying to set up LibreOffice database, but the two decimal points always revert to zero. Why? For example if I write in 120.87 the systems writes in 120.00 And if I try to change the .00 to say, 50, it still reverts to .00 What am I doing wrong?

Greten says:

Hi David, are you sure you’re talking about LibreOffice Calc and not LibreOffice Base? That’s the application for database.

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