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Animation effects: how to animate objects in Adobe Captivate?

You can animate slide objects in Captivate. There are basic, emphasis, entrance, exit, and motion path animations. An object can also have two or more animations happening on different parts of the timeline or at the same time.

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Captivate logo inside a film.

How to insert audio in a Captivate lesson?

Adobe Captivate allows the inclusion of audio to elearning lessons. This entry covers how to add narration, sound effects, and background music to your learning modules using Captivate.

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Icon for Captivate audio, a yellow rectangle with CP in the middle, and audio waves below.

Quick image tricks and techniques in Captivate

A handful of random techniques on working on Captivate images that I took note as I work: pasting an image as a slide object from a selection in an image editor, replacing several instances of the same image at once, and pasting an image as a background.

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A top hat with CP Captivate logo on it, a magic wand, and an image icon emerging from the hat.

Grouping objects in Adobe Captivate

Grouping objects is one of the most useful features of Captivate. You can group so the collection of objects can behave and can be adjusted as one object. You can group and ungroup objects, apply effects on groups, and configure the timeline of a group.

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Spreadsheet problem generator part IV: formatting date and time

Date and time are information that can appear in word problems but are not readily convertible to numerical data that we can subject in mathematical computation. Of course, we know how to do it. It is one of the daily life tasks that the students need to learn. Constructing a spreadsheet problem generator with date and clock time as given values are a little more complicated than the usual numerical data but very much feasible.

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Spreadsheet problem generator part III: concatenate cells with special number format

When you concatenate text and cell references to construct a spreadsheet word problem, the cell format from the cell source does not carry over to the concatenated text. You need to format the data from the cell references using the TEXT function.

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Spreadsheet floating on abyss of 1s and 0s with golden 20% and 1,000,000 pesos on top.

Hide and lock: working on several slide objects in Captivate

Use the yellow dots on the left part of the timeline to make the objects locked or hidden. This will allow you to temporarily ignore the objects that are not your current concerns while you can focus on particular slide objects that you need to move or modify.

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Row of dots in timeline used to lock or hide objects.

How to use the Captivate timeline?

Use the timeline in Adobe Captivate to control how the slide objects will play-out as seen by the learners in a published learning module. Each slide object has a corresponding timeline bar that determines how long it stays on the slide and when it will appear or disappear. You can also use the timeline to control which objects will be on top and bottom of the others.

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Metaphorical representation of timeline, a 3D bar graph showing two bars, one on top of another, ends with a Captivate logo. The vertical axis has arrow and labelled as z-axis, while the arrow on the ground is labelled as t-axis,

Spreadsheet problem generator part II: formatting units with special characters

Part I shows how to construct a problem generator in spreadsheet applications such as Calc, Excel, and Sheets. The units are easy to enter because they are made of of letters. However, some units contains superscripts, such as the units of volume (cm³) and acceleration (m/s²), while there are others that contain Greek letters and others that are not readily available from the keyboard. This post is about making a spreadsheet problem generator with those units.

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How to use highlight box in Captivate?

The highlight box is a rectangle that can draw the learners’ attention to a part of a static image on the slide, such as pictures, illustrations, and diagram. The highlight box is very similar to the rectangle under smart shapes except that you can configure it to darken everything outside while remaining clear inside.

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A highlighter drawing a yellow rectangle around the Captivate's CP logo.

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