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Working with subject-matter expert in the instructional design process

Subject-matter experts (SMEs) have the expertise of a subject or topic and can provide valuable insights and recommendations for instructional design projects. To ensure a productive and successful collaboration, establish clear expectations, build trust, communicate regularly, set boundaries, and show appreciation to the SME.

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SME and members of instructional design team fist bumping above tablets, notebooks, and other tools on the table.

Conduct your webinar or online class effectively

Prepare your environment, use multimedia, encourage interaction, stay organized, use visual aids, keep the lecture concise, and instruct learners on post-learning exercises to make webinars, online classes, and virtual classrooms more engaging.

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The same female teacher conducting an online class as seen from the laptop of a learner.

Create an effective mobile learning experience

When designing mobile learning, you must consider the limitations of mobile device such as its storage capacity and the means by which it interact with learners.

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Mobile learning design thubnail

Proctoring and anti-cheating measures during online examinations

When the basic education switch to online classes, you need to have a different approach in assessing their learning. You have to balance the students’ needs for privacy, ensuring that they are doing honest work, and that you are evaluating the important aspects of their learning.

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Cartoon face of a stern-looking teacher with short hair and glasses together with text Big Teacher is Watching You.

Three ways of taking LinkedIn Learning courses for free

LinkedIn Learning provides resources for the professional development of educators and other professions. However, not all educators can spend money on LinkedIn Premium membership. LinkedIn Learning provided ways for those with no budget for professional development to access their online courses.

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Sparkles from LinkedIn Learning course Brain-Based Elearning Design used as icon for this entry.

How to make your virtual classroom better?

This entry discussed the different tips on how teachers can facilitate virtual classrooms, such as using slide presentations and the different functions of various video conferencing applications.

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Prevent the spread of coronaviruses through printed self-learning modules

During these times of COVID-19 pandemic, schools are avoiding traditional classrooms in favor of distance education to prevent the spread of coronaviruses. For areas without electricity or internet access, distance education means printed self-learning modules to be delivered to their homes. To prevent these modules from becoming conduits of virus transmission, disinfect them.

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A brown spherical coronavirus with several orange funnel-like structures evenly distributed on its surface,

What is LMS server latency, and how it affects your elearning?

The LMS server latency is the amount of time it takes to transmit data between the elearning module and the LMS server. The longer is the LMS server latency, the more lag the learners encounter as they learn through the elearning module.

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LMS server latency icon: a laptop, a server, and two arrows circling on their back. There's also a clock in the middle of the circling arrows.

Visual design tips for elearning

In designing your elearning modules, it is important that the text, color, and images work together to facilitate learning. They should be easy to read and they should not distract from one another.

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Types of elearning gamification

There are two kinds of gamification in elearning, content gamification and structural gamification. This entry will cover the difference between them.

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A marble surface showing two Venn diagram circles. One is labeled as Round Stone and the other is Red Stone. The Round Stone contains orange, violet, and blue spherical marble-like stones, while the Red Stone contains a triangular, square, and hexagonal gem-like red stones. The overlap contains a red spherical stone.

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