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Seven myths about elearning programs

Elearning revolutionizes how people learn, but lingering misformation makes some learners and instructors hesitant to adopt elearning. This entry debunks some of these misconceptions.

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A pharaoh using a laptop in the style of ancient Egyptian mural

Using AI image generators to create graphics for your lessons

Use AI image generators to create visual elements for your lessons. Learn about their capabilities, limitations, and the legalities around their use and ownership.

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A small robot holding a paint brush while painting an abstract art on a canvas.

AI applications that learning professionals will definitely find useful

AI tools transform how teachers and L&D professionals approach their work. It allows them to write learning content, lesson plans, and quizzes and exercises, and produce images in an instant. Other AI tools help detect AI-generated content, turn scripts into audio speeches, and transcribe recorded lessons.

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Providing relevant feedback in elearning courses

Elearning feedback, whether automated or personalized, is crucial in elearning as it helps learners maximize their online content, identify areas for improvement, retain knowledge, and learn from mistakes.

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A learner using a laptop while leaning on a concrete pillar. On the laptop screen is an elearning module showing incorrect feedback for an exam question.

Bloom’s taxonomy and revised taxonomy of cognitive educational objectives

Bloom’s taxonomy guides educators in developing learning objectives. The six levels of the cognitive domain and their associated verbs help educators create purposeful learning objectives that encourage learners to be creative and think critically.

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Common issues in asynchronous elearning and how to mitigate them

Asynchronous elearning is challenging for learners due to technical difficulties, lack of interactivity, limited support, accessibility and personalization issues, assessment issues, and inadequate motivation. Find out the various strategies to overcome these challenges in this entry.

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Maximizing the benefits of asynchronous elearning for K-12 students

Asynchronous elearning is a good option for K-12 students who like to learn at their own pace, but it also presents challenges like keeping students engaged and tracking their progress.

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The role of storytelling in elearning

Storytelling in elearning enhances engagement and memory retention by building emotional connections through characters, imagery, and persuasive language. It also works well with interactive components like branching scenarios and simulations.

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Using microlearning to boost learning retention

You can use microlearning materials to boost the learners’ retention and engagement by letting them focus on a small piece of knowledge and providing them with spaced learning and repetition.

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Learner browsing microlearning on mobile phone while eating cake at a cafe.

Using onscreen text to make your elearning better

Onscreen text in elearning modules convey knowledge, guide learners, and enhance the module’s appearance. It should be clear, concise, and accessible to be effective.

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Onscreen text displays on a laptop

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