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Protect your school from BSA raids

Use FOSS and have a peace of mind as your school becomes free from disruptive BSA raids and other technology-related legal problems.

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FOSS using schools can have their peace of mind while BSA ship is chasing software pirates

Why use FOSS in schools?

There will be several benefits for schools to start adopting free and open-source software programs in their computer laboratories and in their curriculum. They cost less, they are more secured, and software raids of law enforcers and lawsuits are unlikely to come to your school gates.

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penguin, wildebeast, and fox, associated with Linux, GNU, and Mozilla, are drawn on a chalk board

Why Wikipedia is not suitable for academic research?

Wikipedia is a popular source and possibly currently the largest repository of data. Despite its success, several teachers, professors and other academics discourages if not outright forbid students from using Wikipedia as reference material. There are reasons not to trust the credibility of Wikipedia and many of these reasons are from its original design.

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Kinds of Educational Computer Games

Educational games have been useful in both hooking-up the learners to practice concepts and processes that are taught in school as well as in measuring what they have learned so far. This article covers the different ways we could classify educational games based on purpose and to encourage teachers and instructional designers to develop games with specific objective(s) in mind.

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