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Why we should not be afraid of AI-written essays

As AI technology advances, the line between human-written and AI-written articles becomes increasingly blurred. Let’s explores the implications of this trend for educators and the ways in which they can adapt their teaching methods to embrace the use of AI.

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Proctoring and anti-cheating measures during online examinations

When the basic education switch to online classes, you need to have a different approach in assessing their learning. You have to balance the students’ needs for privacy, ensuring that they are doing honest work, and that you are evaluating the important aspects of their learning.

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Cartoon face of a stern-looking teacher with short hair and glasses together with text Big Teacher is Watching You.

How legally-required recurring elearning defeats its own purpose

Repeating the same elearning lessons for government compliance prevents employees from taking them seriously. There are ways to make the learning experience better and not just for compliance.

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Wooden court gavel

On Wuhan virus and education: let us make the best use of what we have

The pandemic is a time of difficulties. Some of the benefits and learning that happen in traditional school setting are not readily available in online learning or homeschooling. However, education must go on, and we have to work best with the tools available to us as teachers and as students.

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Earth with inteconnected bright nodes and a graduation cap surrounded by coronaviruses.

Should we resort to academic freeze during the pandemic?

No to academic freeze. Our society cannot afford a halt in education. Teachers and students can change the way education works using technology. There is inequality in online education but even without the pandemic, there’s always inequality in education.

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Snow flake with a book and a graduation cap inside.

How to capitalize Ipad, Iphone, and Ebay?

Many tech companies are insisting on unusual capitalizations these past few years. You don’t have to follow the brand name spelling preferred by corporations that own these brands. Capitalization is not a matter of correct or incorrect spelling.

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The arch of trajan is a concrete rectagular arch with semioblong hole underneath. It has murals made of different humanoid shapes on the sides and a flat rectagular area with writings in all uppercase on top.

What is gamification of elearning?

Gamification of elearning is the inclusion of game elements to an elearning lesson, course, or program. The aim is to motivate learners to go through the learning process.

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A front view of a cartoon bull wearing white and about to kick at brown football ball.

How data science can be used in elearning?

Data science has a wide range of applications, and data scientists are everywhere. Data science can be very useful in the elearning process, and data scientists can provide new insights on how to deliver and improve lessons.

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A thumbnail image showing white spots on a part of a sphere inteconnected with white lines, on a black background with what looks like a meteor storm.

Rethinking of FOSS in education

Software programs developed by those who are in it for money seems to be better than those who are in it for ideology, but the latter can provide knowledge that will make learning the former much easier.

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A weighing scale with copyright symbol on one plate and copyleft symbol on the other plate in a background of 1s and 0s.

Compromising FOSS with future job requirements

Using FOSS will not make students less competitive in a job market where it seems employers prefer those who know how to use proprietary software, but you can have a middle ground wherein you can use FOSS in computer literacy classes and the students can still claim they know how to use some of these commercial software programs.

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Graduation cap between an open document format resume and an MS document resume

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