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What is rapid prototyping approach in elearning?

Rapid prototyping is the quick development of a learning product prototype for the purpose of evaluation. It can be a kind of or a substitute to storyboarding as well as an instructional design model.

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3D printer

What is zoombombing or video conference bombing?

Virtual classes are very useful in time of pandemic. However, another issue lurkes around the corners of the internet that may gatecrash and disturb your virtual or online classrooms, the video conference bombing or more commonly known as zoombombing.

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A blue camera with spherical bomb at the back.

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a document that lays out an elearning video or lesson, so that various stakeholders in the lesson development can see it, examine it, edit it, and implement it.

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Screen capture of Google Slides with slide notes visible.

What is correspondence education?

In correspondence education, students receive lessons, instructions, activities, exercises, and quizzes from a teacher or learning institution as modules through the postal system or other means of delivering documents. Students send the expected learning output to their remote instructor, such as essays or answered quizzes, through the same means of delivery.

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An open envelope containting three pieces of paper, the one in front explicitly labeled as school work.

What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is an online environment that allows teachers to facilitate teaching and learning, and students to interact with the teacher and with one another.

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What is an EPUB book format and what are its features?

EPUB is an ebook format that allows reader to flip the pages sideways, like a real book, and change the page size and reposition the content based on the size of the viewing screen.

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A collection of books, like shelves in a library, seen within the screen of a tablet computer.

What is distance education?

Distance education is an educational process in which the learning process and the teaching process happen in two different locations. A medium of communication, such as the postal system or the internet, must connect the two processes to make distance education work.

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Metaphor of distance education: teacher and three students standing on different planets.

What is LMS server latency, and how it affects your elearning?

The LMS server latency is the amount of time it takes to transmit data between the elearning module and the LMS server. The longer is the LMS server latency, the more lag the learners encounter as they learn through the elearning module.

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LMS server latency icon: a laptop, a server, and two arrows circling on their back. There's also a clock in the middle of the circling arrows.

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a teaching method that helps learners to work on certain exercises that they otherwise cannot complete without it. Scaffolding is meant to be remove eventually as the learner gains mastery of the lesson. In elearning, some of the common scaffolding techniques are hints, tips, and clues that are accessible through hint buttons, characters, and other user interface elements.

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A child studing on a laptop, with an adult watching on his back. On their background are three concentric circles: the smallest and innermost is labeled know / can do, the middle circle is labeled know / can do with guidance, and the outermost circle is doesn't know / can't do. The innermost circle surrounds the child's head. The adult is outside the innermost circle but falls in front of the middle circle.

What is a flipped classroom?

A flipped classroom is a pedagogical approach or an instructional model, in which the absorption of information happens during the learner’s homework time, while the exercises moves to the classroom time so you can guide your learners if needed.

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