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The Ititser is an online journal about the efficient use of technology in education and learning.

The author and webmaster of this website is yours truly, Greten Vicke S. Estella. I have more than five years professional experience as instructional designer both in K-12 education setting and in professonal training.

In its earlier years, Ititser focused on the use of free and open source software (FOSS) programs. The upcoming changes in 2019 will focus on programs that are often used in industry as well as on learning theories. You will notice that I already changed the categories significantly. In the next few months, I will expand the posts to include other programs regardless of their copyright status.

What's new in Ititser?

What is adult learning?

Adult learning is the process of education in which adults are the recipients of learning. A very close concept to it is andragogy, the art and science of assisting adults in learning.

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Difference between instructional designer and elearning developer

An instructional designer plans the learning module, while an elearning developer implements the plan. While two sets of different education and expertise, it’s becoming common to combine these roles in one employee.

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A left-handed person scribbling on a paper with clipboard.

Create an effective mobile learning experience

When designing mobile learning, you must consider the limitations of mobile device such as its storage capacity and the means by which it interact with learners.

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Mobile learning design thubnail

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning or m-learning is the use of mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones to facilitate learning.

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A pink smartphone on a smooth black surface.

What is rapid prototyping approach in elearning?

Rapid prototyping is the quick development of a learning product prototype for the purpose of evaluation. It can be a kind of or a substitute to storyboarding as well as an instructional design model.

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3D printer

Add slide background image in Captivate lessons

In your Captivate elearning lessons, you can import external image files as slide backgrounds or repurpose an image already in the library. Slide background images do not count as slide objects, have no timeline bars, and have the same durations as their assigned slides.

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Captivate logo on a backdrop of stars.

Stargazing sessions with Stellarium Mobile

Stellarium is also available in Android and Ios for mobile devices. Even though not all functions found in Stellarium for personal computer is available, it is sufficient for stargazing sessions anywhere since it’s easier to carry tablets and mobile phones.

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Whole sky projected as circular area by Stellarium

What is zoombombing or video conference bombing?

Virtual classes are very useful in time of pandemic. However, another issue lurkes around the corners of the internet that may gatecrash and disturb your virtual or online classrooms, the video conference bombing or more commonly known as zoombombing.

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A blue camera with spherical bomb at the back.

Stargazing sessions with Stellarium

One of the most intellectually stimulating activities in science lessons is the stargazing. Aside from telescope, the other important tool in a stargazing session is the starmap or star chart. Today, starmaps are mostly software programs and I would personally recommend the use of one particular program: Stellarium, a free and open source software star chart.

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Stellarium screenshot showing the position of stars and the constellations

Formatting cell data in spreadsheet part VII: currency

Part VII of serial post about formatting cell data in spreadsheet applications: LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel. This entry is about formatting currency or money. Different accounting conventions for negative numbers are also discussed in this post.

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coins and bills

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