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The Ititser is an online journal about the efficient use of technology in education and learning.

The author and webmaster of this website is yours truly, Greten Vicke S. Estella. I have more than five years professional experience as instructional designer both in K-12 education setting and in professonal training.

In its earlier years, Ititser focused on the use of free and open source software (FOSS) programs. The upcoming changes in 2019 will focus on programs that are often used in industry as well as on learning theories. You will notice that I already changed the categories significantly. In the next few months, I will expand the posts to include other programs regardless of their copyright status.

What's new in Ititser?

Proctoring and anti-cheating measures during online examinations

When the basic education switch to online classes, you need to have a different approach in assessing their learning. You have to balance the students’ needs for privacy, ensuring that they are doing honest work, and that you are evaluating the important aspects of their learning.

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Cartoon face of a stern-looking teacher with short hair and glasses together with text Big Teacher is Watching You.

Three ways of taking LinkedIn Learning courses for free

LinkedIn Learning provides resources for the professional development of educators and other professions. However, not all educators can spend money on LinkedIn Premium membership. LinkedIn Learning provided ways for those with no budget for professional development to access their online courses.

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Sparkles from LinkedIn Learning course Brain-Based Elearning Design used as icon for this entry.

How legally-required recurring elearning defeats its own purpose

Repeating the same elearning lessons for government compliance prevents employees from taking them seriously. There are ways to make the learning experience better and not just for compliance.

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Wooden court gavel

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a document that lays out an elearning video or lesson, so that various stakeholders in the lesson development can see it, examine it, edit it, and implement it.

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Screen capture of Google Slides with slide notes visible.

Formatting cell data in spreadsheet part VI: scientific notation

You can format numbers as scientific notation in Calc, Sheets, and Excel. The appearance of scientific notation is constant across the three aforementioned spreadsheet applications: they use E notation, single-digit exponents have leading zeroes, and the coefficients have two-digit decimal places. All three spreadsheet applications also provide ways to change this appearance.

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Spreadsheet exponent icon: decoration only

What is correspondence education?

In correspondence education, students receive lessons, instructions, activities, exercises, and quizzes from a teacher or learning institution as modules through the postal system or other means of delivering documents. Students send the expected learning output to their remote instructor, such as essays or answered quizzes, through the same means of delivery.

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An open envelope containting three pieces of paper, the one in front explicitly labeled as school work.

How to make your virtual classroom better?

This entry discussed the different tips on how teachers can facilitate virtual classrooms, such as using slide presentations and the different functions of various video conferencing applications.

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What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is an online environment that allows teachers to facilitate teaching and learning, and students to interact with the teacher and with one another.

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What is an EPUB book format and what are its features?

EPUB is an ebook format that allows reader to flip the pages sideways, like a real book, and change the page size and reposition the content based on the size of the viewing screen.

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A collection of books, like shelves in a library, seen within the screen of a tablet computer.

On Wuhan virus and education: let us make the best use of what we have

The pandemic is a time of difficulties. Some of the benefits and learning that happen in traditional school setting are not readily available in online learning or homeschooling. However, education must go on, and we have to work best with the tools available to us as teachers and as students.

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Earth with inteconnected bright nodes and a graduation cap surrounded by coronaviruses.

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