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The Ititser is an online journal about the efficient use of technology in education and learning.

The author and webmaster of this website is yours truly, Greten Vicke S. Estella. I have more than five years professional experience as instructional designer both in K-12 education setting and in professonal training.

In its earlier years, Ititser focused on the use of free and open source software (FOSS) programs. The upcoming changes in 2019 will focus on programs that are often used in industry as well as on learning theories. You will notice that I already changed the categories significantly. In the next few months, I will expand the posts to include other programs regardless of their copyright status.

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Animation effects: how to animate objects in Adobe Captivate?

You can animate slide objects in Captivate. There are basic, emphasis, entrance, exit, and motion path animations. An object can also have two or more animations happening on different parts of the timeline or at the same time.

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Captivate logo inside a film.

What is a flipped classroom?

A flipped classroom is a pedagogical approach or an instructional model, in which the absorption of information happens during the learner’s homework time, while the exercises moves to the classroom time so you can guide your learners if needed.

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How to capitalize Ipad, Iphone, and Ebay?

Many tech companies are insisting on unusual capitalizations these past few years. You don’t have to follow the brand name spelling preferred by corporations that own these brands. Capitalization is not a matter of correct or incorrect spelling.

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The arch of trajan is a concrete rectagular arch with semioblong hole underneath. It has murals made of different humanoid shapes on the sides and a flat rectagular area with writings in all uppercase on top.

Visual design tips for elearning

In designing your elearning modules, it is important that the text, color, and images work together to facilitate learning. They should be easy to read and they should not distract from one another.

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How to insert audio in a Captivate lesson?

Adobe Captivate allows the inclusion of audio to elearning lessons. This entry covers how to add narration, sound effects, and background music to your learning modules using Captivate.

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Icon for Captivate audio, a yellow rectangle with CP in the middle, and audio waves below.

Types of elearning gamification

There are two kinds of gamification in elearning, content gamification and structural gamification. This entry will cover the difference between them.

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A marble surface showing two Venn diagram circles. One is labeled as Round Stone and the other is Red Stone. The Round Stone contains orange, violet, and blue spherical marble-like stones, while the Red Stone contains a triangular, square, and hexagonal gem-like red stones. The overlap contains a red spherical stone.

What is gamification of elearning?

Gamification of elearning is the inclusion of game elements to an elearning lesson, course, or program. The aim is to motivate learners to go through the learning process.

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A front view of a cartoon bull wearing white and about to kick at brown football ball.

Quick image tricks and techniques in Captivate

A handful of random techniques on working on Captivate images that I took note as I work: pasting an image as a slide object from a selection in an image editor, replacing several instances of the same image at once, and pasting an image as a background.

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A close-up view of a keyboard, showing the green enter key replaced with a Captivate logo key. The other keys are white.

Basic typography for elearning design

Typography is an important consideration in designing and developing your elearning. Choose the right typeface and adjust the font size, font style, and spacing to make your text optimized for learning.

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A cloud of several design typefaces spelling-out the name of each typeface.

What is active learning?

Active learning refers to several learning or teaching techniques that require conscious and deliberate actions from learners. Often contrasted with passive learning techniques such as lectures and video lessons, the techniques are in fact, along a spectrum between passive and active.

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SIlhouette of a head with several gears, a bulb, and a cloud inside.

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